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Introducing SoilSolutions! Farm Image launch a brand-new range of soil conditioning products to tackle any nutrient deficiencies, improve yield and boost profit!

Jul 7, 2017

With Farm Image’s 20 years’ experience in identifying specific soil issues, and with 2017 seeing the introduction of our most accurate analysis service to date, the requirement as a company to be able to offer a product solution to our customers became increasingly relevant as a an accompaniment to our SoilSmart services.

 We are delighted to introduce the brand new SoilSolutions product range:

  • Lime- Soil additive from pulverised limestone, good neutralising value whilst providing a source of calcium and magnesium.
  • Calcifert Lime- Made from fine limestone flour combined with a water-soluble organic binder, consisting of hard granules of between 2 and 5mm in diameter.
  • Calcifert Magnesium- A granulated dolomitic limestone containing more than 19% magnesium.
  • Calcifert Sulphur- Calcifert Sulphur is a quick and easy way to supply both calcium and sulphur to your soil, with a typical analysis of calcium as CaO: 39% and sulphur SO3: 56%.
  • Calcifert Lime BZN- Calcifert Lime with additional boron and zinc.
  • Calcifert Sulpher BZN- Calcifert Sulphur with additional boron and zinc.
  • Limex- Easily spreadable, high quality liming material produced from the processing of sugar beet. Persistent pH control, additional plant nutrients, improves soil structure.
  • KalFos- A unique, spreadable renewable fertiliser rich in key nutrients with high amounts of calcium and phosphate- helping to improve soil fertility and plant nutrient levels.
  • Gypsum- Agricultural Gypsum is a CE fertiliser grade gypsum obtained from naturally occurring mineral. Its two dominant nutrients are calcium and sulphur, both crucial for plant growth, soil structure and microbial activity.
  • Diamond Fertiliser- The blended fertilisers are a combination of nitrogen, phosphates and potash and will give you the right combination that’s right for your crops. Available as straights, blended combinations and screenings.
  • Viscofol Black- Highly anticipated organic matter product formed from ground Leonardite. Benefits include: better crop establishment, healthier plants, increased stress resistance, better quality, healthier soil, improved fertiliser efficacy and higher yields.
  • Crop Improver- Formulated to boost the development in early stages of spring crops (maize, beet and sunflower in particular), especially in the case of early sowing in cold and light soils. Applied at drilling with the seed.
  • Go-Pro 50 SL- Making your crops fitter! The product is designed to reduce the abiotic stress in plants caused by negative environmental factors: cold, frost, drought and waterlogged soil effects. It substantially improves plant productivity and crop quality.
  • Go-Humic- Improves soil structure, physical and chemical properties and ventilation. Enhances soil microbial life making a more fertile environment and increases cationic exchange capacity thus enhancing nutrient assimilation by the crop.
  • Avadex- The essential component to any grass-weed management strategy including a wide spectrum of activity against black grass, wild oats, rye grass and annual meadow grass. Farm Image have recently invested in a new Opico High Precision Avadex applicator machine to combat your grass-weed issues.
  • Slug Pellets: Metaldehyde and Ferric Phosphate- Complete accurate slug control service offering a range of pellets to target specific soil types and species.

Read more on each product from our SoilSolutions range here. (link to SoilSolutions landing page)