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LimeX supplied by Farm Image SoilSolutions, is an easily spreadable high-quality liming material derived from the processing of sugar beet, ideal for the correction of soil acidity and general conditioning. The unique benefits of LimeX have been proven in agricultural use for more than 80 years.

  • Optimises PH to maximise yields and profitability
  • Rapidly corrects soil acidity on expenditure
  • Persistent PH control
  • Supplies useful plant nutrients
  • Improves soil structure at higher rates
  • Compatibility with organic systems
  • Very fine particle size- ensures fast-acting and lasting PH correction
  • Dry substance level- minimises dust when spreading
  • Nutrient content- provides useful contribution to soil fertility
  • Organic approval- via the Soil Association
  • Storage robustness- offers on-farm flexibility

A unique advantage of LimeX, and an important one regarding overall farm costs, is the value of the nutrients integral in the product.

The following table illustrates the minimum nutrient content (kg/tonne of LimeX) for phosphate, magnesium and sulphur (expressed as P2O5, MgO and SO3) for LimeX45 and LimeX70 products.

LimeX70 (kg/tonne) LimeX45 (kg/tonne)
Total P2O5* 10* 7
Total MgO 7* 5
Total SO3 6 4

*Current Wissington P2O5 minimum is 8Kg/t and MgO minimum is 6Kg/t.


Material Safety Data Sheet

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