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The Product 

Compost contains slow release Nitrogen, Phosphate and Sulphur. It contains readily available Potash as well as smaller but useful amounts of Magnesium, Calcium and Trace Elements.

Compost has a small neutralising value and is around 10% as effective as limestone, tonne for tonne of dry matter. Compost can therefore stabilise soil pH and reduce acidifying effects of inorganic Nitrogen fertilisers.

The organic matter in compost is able to confer many benefits including:

  • Improved soil aggregation and structure
  • Improved water infiltration and water holding capacity
  • Increased soil cation exchange capacity in light soils
  • Reduced leaching of nutrients

Compost also contains beneficial microorganisms. These are able to contribute to healthy soil in terms of improved nutrient cycling and disease suppression. Read more on the benefits of ACS biosolids (link to marketing biosolids article)

Cost Benefits

  • Compost has a high inorganic fertiliser replacement value (based on food/green mix).
  • Compost applications improve the value of the land as an asset.
  • Organic matter greatly improves the quality of the soil, its value and its ability to grow better crops.
  • Improved soil organic matter can lead to savings in fuel during cultivations, reduce the frequency of irrigations saving labour and water, and allow machinery onto the land on more days (especially valuable during busy periods) without damaging the soil structure.

The ACS Agri Service

ACS Agri has a dedicated sales team to discuss your compost requirements and arrange product supply, delivery via our Fors Bronze accredited transport department.

We have a fleet of rigid bulk tipper lorries with weigh cells for an accurate and controlled delivery of products to your farm.

Our excavators, telehandlers and loading shovels are operated by skilled professionals and fitted with specialist buckets and weighing equipment.

ACS Agri spreading equipment encompasses covered horizontal rotor conditioners and spinning disc applicators with weigh cell and computer controlled technology to offer the most up to date and innovative spreading service with full guidance to ensure precision to the most accurate degree.


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  • We recently had 70ha of biosolid spread by ACS and as usual, the service was well organised and executed very professionally. Some of the spreading was more complex than normal...

    Velcourt Ltd, Kent

  • We use ACS Agri to supply all our Biosolid requirements because we value the quality of the product and the professional service they offer from sampling through to stockpiling and...

    KD Attwood & Partners, Kent

  • “I have never been let down, even in peak times for spreading. Following an application, we get an immediate fertility improvement that lasts for 2 years. I cut my nitrogen...

    A. Newman, Hampshire