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Don't just take our word for it! We are proud to serve all of our clients, and welcome feedback. Please see what our customers have to say regarding our services below:

  • Testimonial for ACS Agri...

    We recently had 70ha of biosolid spread by ACS and as usual, the service was well organised and executed very professionally. Some of the spreading was more complex than normal due to the inclusion of an NVZ and unmarked fallow area, requiring that some of the field be left unspread and some needing FYM instead of biosolid but it was done perfectly. The tipping areas have been left very tidy and minimal damage caused around stockpileslocated in cropped areas. A great service all round.

    Velcourt Ltd, Kent

  • Testimonial for ACS Agri...

    We use ACS Agri to supply all our Biosolid requirements because we value the quality of the product and the professional service they offer from sampling through to stockpiling and application. A good working relationship with our Area Salesman helps to manage the challenges of a large workload in a small window for all involved.

    KD Attwood & Partners, Kent

  • Testimonial for ACS Agri...

    “I have never been let down, even in peak times for spreading. Following an application, we get an immediate fertility improvement that lasts for 2 years. I cut my nitrogen down by the amount supplied on paper but depending on when spread I feel that there are greater amounts more available in the first year. My P indexes have built up from 0 and 1 to index 3-4 now. We have not used any phosphate for several years on fields we can treat with biosolids, saving some considerable amount. I put no autumn N on the rape as it gets going quickly and keeps going better than non-treated fields. The organic matter has improved no end our moisture retention. Crops, even on the lighter land, are not suffering in dry condition. This is especially noticeable in the maize we grow. After oats, we chop the straws and then apply biosolids before the wheat and have found we get no stalling of the wheat through lockup. To a line where biosolids applied, the number of slugs drops in the OSR. As an example, biosolid treated fields in 2016 only needed one pellet application whereas non-treated areas required several more.”

    A. Newman, Hampshire

  • Testimonial for ACS Recycling...

    I am very impressed with the level of support and the responsiveness that I have received in every task I have placed. I'll be referring you to people who ask, keep up the excellent work.

    Southern Water

  • Testimonial for ACS Farm Image...

    “As a salad grower at Vitacress in Kent, our crop relies heavily on regular cultivation to maintain a high turnover rate. This demands constant PH correction of soil within a short time frame and therefore an efficient liming service is crucial. I will only use ACS Farm Image for Lime due to their consistently efficient service from arranging sampling to delivery and spreading at my convenience. We have a great relationship with our Farm Image contact who I can always rely on to arrange a liming program around our busy rotation.”

    J. Wrighton, Vitacress, Kent

  • Testimonial for ACS Farm Image...

    “Farm Image provided me with a specifically intensive precision soil sampling service at my request and convenience that allowed me to identify and neutralise the yield-limiting areas of land that had not been previously identified through standard techniques. Due to the necessity of cultivation for sterilisation as a means of weed control, the PH of my soil varies dramatically and it is crucial that PH issues are rectified quickly. Farm Image were able to provide their precision sampling service soon after enquiring and the service from sampling to application, was completed in under a week.”

    M. Mayes, Kent - Salad Grower- Ickham, Kent

  • Testimonial for ACS Farm Image...

    “We use ACS Farm Image every year to mark out our summer Maize Maze attraction due to their continued professionalism and ability to work around our busy farming schedule. They always complete the marking out within two days for our typically large maize area but most often, the service is completed within a day. Furthermore, ACS Farm Image always work with our changing annual theme and have created some spectacular designs. Highly recommended.”

    Quex Park Estates, Kent

  • Testimonial for ACS Transport...

    “Having worked alongside ACS Transport for over a year now they have managed to provide an A Class service every step of the way. Providing next day deliveries on a regular basis makes ACS one of the best in the business”

    Stema Shipping

  • Testimonial for ACS Transport...

    “ACS Transport work with ourselves on a dedicated basis, we have found them to be very reliable and professional. They ensure that their drivers communicate well on a daily basis, this then allows ourselves to meet our customer needs. Very happy with the service supplied to ourselves.”

    Hargreaves Logistics Bulk Transport

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