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Water Treatment Sludge

The Product

ACS Agri provide Water Treatment Sludge as a recycled organic fertiliser and a useful source of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter. The product is sourced from the dredging of waterways and is treated at sites across the UK making it recyclable for agricultural use.  

A typical nutrient analysis per tonne, as quoted by the RB209 guide:

Dry Matter % Total Nitrogen kg N/t Total Phosphate kg P2Os/t Total Potash kg k2O/t Total Sulphur kg SO3/t Total Magnesium kg MgO/t
Water Treatment cake 25 2.4 3.4 0.4 0.5 0.8

Application rate depends on soil Phosphate index and cropping. An example application rate would be between 30- 50t/ha.

The Service

ACS have a FORS Bronze accredited transport department including a fleet of rigid bulk tipper lorries with weigh cells for an accurate and controlled supply, delivery and spread of water treatment sludge to your farm.

Our excavators, telehandlers and loading shovels are operated by skilled professionals fitted with specialist buckets and weighing equipment.

ACS spreading technology encompasses the covered horizontal rotor conditioners and the spinning disc applicators with weigh cell and computer controlled technology to offer the most up to date and innovative spreading equipment with full guidance to ensure perfection.

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  • We recently had 70ha of biosolid spread by ACS and as usual, the service was well organised and executed very professionally. Some of the spreading was more complex than normal...

    Velcourt Ltd, Kent

  • We use ACS Agri to supply all our Biosolid requirements because we value the quality of the product and the professional service they offer from sampling through to stockpiling and...

    KD Attwood & Partners, Kent

  • “I have never been let down, even in peak times for spreading. Following an application, we get an immediate fertility improvement that lasts for 2 years. I cut my nitrogen...

    A. Newman, Hampshire