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PCN Analysis

Cyst Nematode Analysis (PCN)

Potato/Pea Cyst Nematodes (PCN) are microscopic, soil-born plant pests which feed on the roots of potato plants as well as other root crops and can persist in the soil for many years. Root development and tuber yield is reduced and plant growth is stunted.

Growers are being urged to test potato land for PCN levels and ensure soil sampling is intensive and accurate.

The two major species of PCN, Globodera Rostochiensis and Globodera Pallida, cost the potato industry in excess of £50m annually and are the biggest pest threat for potato producers.

Sampling soil is an important part of formulating a PCN control strategy, giving growers an idea of numbers, species of Nematode and any hotspots in the field.

Farm Image SoilSmart provide a specialised PCN sampling service in which soil is tested at a maximum area of 4 Ha. Our reports detail the number of eggs per gram within PCN boundaries.

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