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Providing an accurate and efficient service in pH correction across the South of England.

Farm Image provide an accurate and efficient liming service at your convenience.

We are able to advise you on where lime is needed and provide the necessary quantity in order to correct the PH of any land area.

It is important to maintain the appropriate soil PH for the cropping system and soil type, and soil PH should not vary more than 0.5 PH from the optimum.

Farm Image are also able to provide an optional GPS variable rate spreading service, applying lime only where needed, minimising costs and maximising crop yields.

pH Testing and Mapping

Our area lime sales team are able to provide free in-field spot tests for soil pH to form a lime recommendation. Farm Image will then return a pH map as depicted, typically within 24 hours of obtaining soil data. If more intensive sampling or more detailed mapping is required, customers may opt for another of Farm Image’s SoilSmart range of sampling services.

Lime Supply, Delivery and Spreading

ACS have a Fors Bronze accredited transport department including a fleet of rigid bulk tipper lorries with weigh cells for an accurate and controlled supply, delivery and spread of high quality lime to your farm.

Our loading shovels are operated by skilled professionals and fitted with specialist buckets and weighing equipment.

ACS spreading technology encompasses two variable rate lime spreaders with GPS guidance ensuring an accurate application of lime only where required minimising costs and maximising crop yields.


Contact Farm Image:
Office: 01233 740247
Email: enquiries@farmimage.co.uk

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