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Slug Pellets

Slug Pellet Supply and Application

Metaldehyde Slug Pellets


Slugs are a major pest of agricultural and horticultural crops, and when left unchecked they can cause devastating damage to emerging food and feedstock crops. Metaldehyde based slug pellets continue to be the primary molluscicide of choice for many UK farmers in controlling the pest.

Farm Image SoilSolutions supports the ‘Get Pelletwise’ campaign founded by the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group and together, we aim to promote and encourage best practice with metaldehyde slug pellets amongst agricultural users. Our aim is to minimise environmental impacts and help reverse the future of metaldehyde as a tool for slug control.

With newly introduced rules surrounding the use of metaldehyde pellets, Farm Image are able to plan and oversee a safe and accurate precision application service that meets the new procedure regulations.

Ferric Phosphate Slug Pellets



Iroxx and Sluxx are granular bait formulations containing 29.7 g/kg (2.97% w/w) ferric phosphate. They are a deep blue pellet, with excellent anti-moulding properties. Highly efficacious against all relevant slug species, the bait technology used in Iroxx has a novel mode of action. Following consumption of the bait, feeding ceases immediately. It should be noted that no excessive slime secretions will be evident either on or around the crop. As slugs usually retreat underground to die, there will not be any evidence of dead slugs.

Farm Image Precision Application

Farm Image are able to provide the latest technology in slug pellet application using a new Opico Precision Applicator:

Accurate application of micro-granules

16 outlets- 12m working width with double overlapping

  • Auto-steer
  • Adjustable outlets- balanced airflow
  • Pressurised hopper to ensure consistent application
  • Individual metering wheels for each seed outlet
  • Forward speed related metering ensuring constant rate
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