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A liquid organic corrector for soil and foliar application to enhance the soil properties. A suspension concentrate containing humic extract 16% w/w.

Go-Humic is a liquid organic soil corrector that enhances the soil physio-chemical and biological properties. Go-Humic applied to soil helps improve the structure, increases aeration, reduces salinity, unlocks nutrients for absorption, promotes microbial activity and increases the capacity of cationic exchange of macro and micro nutrients. It also acts as a natural chelator for elements (macro and micro) which promotes nutrient translocation in the soil and subsequent absorption into the roots.


Appearance: Liquid

Density: 1.2 g/cm3

pH: 11.4 +/-1

Features and Benefits

  • Improves soil structure, physical and chemical properties and ventilation
  • Enhances soil microbial life making a more fertile environment
  • Increases cationic exchange capacity of the soil, thus enhancing nutrient assimilation by the crop
  • Improves crop root development
  • Enhances macro and micro nutrient uptake by the crop
  • Individual metering wheels for each seed outlet
  • Forward speed related metering ensuring constant rate
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