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Crop Improver


NPK microgranular fertilisers with trace elements drilled with the crop seed.

(Crop Improver Nutrient Table)

Why use the Crop Improver range?

  • High quality free flowing microgranules
  • Uniform particle size for accurate dosing
  • Low dust formulation
  • Easy to handle and apply

Crop Improver- Bio

Innovative microgranular formulation suitable for use in organic agriculture
Patented technology gives a strong starter effect provided by the release of this nitrogen component
Allows early crop establishment and promotes a strong competitive crop against weed infestation
Early establishment improves tolerance to drought

(CI Bio Declared Content table)

Crop Improver- Super

Formulated to boost the development in the early stages of spring crops, especially in the case of early sowing in cold soil and light soils
Very effective even on horticultural crops and industrial crops such as transplanted seedlings
Treatment type: apply at drilling with the seed for optimal effect
Applied in bands at the time of drilling, proving precise nutrition to your seedlings where and when it is needed, replacing conventional and less efficient seedbed fertiliser regimes
(CI Super Declared Content table)

Crop Improver- Universal

The presence of nitrogen and phosphorus in balanced proportion as well as the mix of microelements and acid PH, enables quick proliferation of the root system of cereal autumn-winter crops, enabling them to intercept and efficiently absorb the nitrogen fertiliser.
(CI Universal Declared Content table)

Crop Improver- P

Crop Improver P is composed of phosphorus and trace elements and is designed specifically to respond to environmental constraints imposed by specific regulations that limit the application of fertilisers containing nitrogen on autumn-winter cereals (Nitrates Directive)
(Crop Improver P Declared Content Table)

Crop Improver- Gold

With its microgranular appearance and its balanced ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus in the presence of zinc, Crop Improver Gold brings a marked starter effect, favouring implementation by the most rapid proliferation of secondary roots.
(CI Gold Declared content table)

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